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Storytelling in business: Three tips for success

Storytelling in business is a powerful tool.

From sales pitches to relationship building, it can make a big difference.

Opting for a personal story to illustrate statistics may seem counterintuitive for a business presentation.

But, these anecdotes often create the greatest impact on our audiences.

A story from your own life can connect with an audience on a deeper level than a bunch of slides can.

It will also be much more memorable.

Here are our three top tips for using storytelling in business:

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Choose a story that connects with the subject matter

The story has to be relevant.

If your presentation is about improving the workplace for young people, draw on your early career experience.

Chatting about your recent holiday to Tenerife may be a nice topic, but it’s less likely to hit the mark.

The story should bolster the content of your presentation without distracting from your message.

You want your audience to leave the presentation with a greater understanding of your subject.

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Show vulnerability

People rarely let their guard down in board rooms or business meetings.

But, telling a personal story can help build instant rapport with your audience.

Opening up about an experience or challenge can give your audience a greater understanding of you as a person.

Your honesty will encourage your audience to pose questions or concerns they may have avoided.

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Be succinct

A long, rambling anecdote will lose the audience’s attention as soon as it’s won.

Practice telling your story as succinctly and impactfully as possible.

Stick to the most important aspects of the story, and practice.

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Storytelling in business

Interested in learning more about storytelling in business?

Wondering where to start with this new skill?

Get in touch with us to find out how our storytelling training can help improve your corporate communication.


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