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Presentation Skills Training Scotland

Why is presentation skills training important?

Because good, clear communication is at the heart of success in business.

Presentation skills training helps you communicate with confidence.

Our coaches can help you hit the mark every time.

Why Do We All Need to Present Well?

“People say to us that presenting is a greater fear to them than dying.”

Presentation skills are vital in the workplace – whether in person or virtually.

But there’s a problem.

Many people fear presentations.

Our training helps you to overcome your fear.

Whether presenting to the board or public speaking to a senior audience, we can help you to present confidently, clearly, and concisely.

You must start with the ‘what’s in it for the audience’ and use clear, vivid examples to make your case.

So what can you expect from your Presentation Skills training course from Pink Elephant Communications?

You’ll have fun, you’ll learn about Pink Elephants, watering down words, and answering difficult questions.

And ultimately, you’ll overcome that fear of presenting to enjoy it – and give great presentations.

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Or better yet, buy our e-learning Presentation Skills Masterclass here and learn at your own pace.


Introduction to Presenting Course

Three in four of us fear speaking in front of an audience. We explain why – and how to overcome that fear, turning it into confidence based on presentation skills, techniques and belief.

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Advanced Presentation Skills Training Course

Does your role require you to influence your team – and inspire them to action? We’ll show you how to create clear messages – so your belief in your ideas becomes theirs.

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Talk Like TED Training Course

So it’s been a while since you learned our techniques and practised in front of our cameras. We’ll remind you of our winning methods and bring you right back up to speed again.

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Public Speaking Course

Are you due to speak to your annual conference? Take on a new role that demands speech making? But fear of public speaking is holding you back. We’ll take away the nerves and replace them with belief.

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Pitching for Business course

Do you have to pitch a new idea, opportunity or business plan to a client, your boss or the board? We’ll help you tell a great story with clear examples and sharp messages to seal the deal.

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Meet Our Clients

Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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