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Virtual Job Interview Masterclass

Our Virtual Job Interview training is an online video-led course
designed to help you land your next dream job via a remote or virtual interview.

Our team of expert recruiters and presenters will show you how to make a great first impression, interview with confidence online and answer the toughest of questions from the panel.

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Virtual Job Interview Masterclass

You’ll learn how to:

  • Research effectively to impress
  • Prepare competency-based answers using SOAR
  • Communicate your individual value using FAB
  • Set your home up with great lighting, audio and background
  • Present clearly, with confidence and warmth
  • Build rapport with the panel
  • Answer the 4 most obvious and 5 most awkward questions
  • Ask effective questions of the panel
  • Follow up proactively to gain a march on your competition

The course is presented by Pink Elephant MD, communications expert and former recruiter Andrew McFarlan, as well as former TV presenter and virtual communication expert Colin Stone.

And their expertise is based on our 31 years of experience of helping people like you to land their next dream job.

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