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Pitching for Business course

Most businesses have to pitch to win new orders.

But self-effacing Britishness can hold us back and lose us work.

We’ll show you how to be the best of British – and still win the order – with this bespoke presentation training course.

Introducing Our Most Popular Presentation Training Course

We know when we have a great business opportunity – or a great idea.

But we often struggle to find the words to express it when pitching for business for fear of sounding boastful.

It’s the British disease of false modesty.

And we only came to realise how much it hampers our progress when we started working in France and Spain some 15 years ago, where they speak with more conviction.

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We identified the words that hold us back.

And we found better, more committed, more confident words to take their place.

Then we made them central in this, one of our most popular presentation training courses.

So clients, just like you, can win orders using our tried and tested techniques.

And here’s what’s happened since:

  • We helped the Glasgow 2014 team win the Commonwealth Games for Glasgow
  • We helped a large investment company win ¬£400 million of pension investment from a client
  • We helped a construction and facility management company win the contract to build the new BBC Scotland headquarters
  • We helped a rail consortium win a major UK rail franchise in a 10-year contract
  • We’ve helped dozens of individuals win promotions and new jobs – using our techniques

On our Pitching for Business course, we’ll build, play back and analyse your pitch – until it’s pitch perfect!

Pitching for Business Course Outline

  • How to overcome stiffness and nerves – to deliver with belief and conviction
  • The rules to follow when building a great pitch
  • How to build stories and examples into your presentation
  • Here are our case studies. Where are yours?
  • How to fine-tune the right call to action
  • How to overcome objections

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