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Talk like TED Training Course

The world-famous TED Talks are where leadership, expertise and communication come together.

Let us show you how to combine those traits with powerful public speaking. 

Want to Talk like TED?

TED Talks look as if they break the rules.

But there’s a clear science behind it. It’s a mix of public speaking confidence and clear leadership.

Our Talk like TED course breaks this down into three clear areas to help you at your next conference or Boardroom discussion.

Talk like a leader by getting the structure, content and delivery spot on.

First of all, we’ll help you figure out your story.

What’s your aim? Who is your audience? And how can you draw on their everyday lives to prove your point?

We’ll help you make it so simple that a child and a granny would get it. Now, your message is portable.

Secondly, it’s onto the content.

How can you remove jargon to take it a million miles away from the boardroom? How do you get rid of the Britishness that can hold you back? How can you make every single word count?

Thirdly and finally, we’ll focus on your delivery.

You’ll have three chances to hone your message with recording and playback, so you sound, look and talk like TED by the time you leave us. We’ll show you how to demonstrate leadership by speaking slowly and enthusiastically while showing great body language.

All your presentations are recorded, and you’ll have the USB to take away with you.

Now you can convince an audience of your case, show leadership and bring others with you to achieve your goals.

Talk like TED Training Course Outline

  • Part One: what’s my story? How do I make it relate?
  • We’ll discuss presentation techniques to master your content
  • Part Two: master pace, pauses, enthusiasm and body language
  • Now let’s rehearse it and analyse it
  • Practice three times to hit all of your marks
  • Take your recordings away with you, along with our Golden Rules workbook

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