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Crisis Management Training Course Scotland

Every company tests its fire alarms to make sure they work.

But how many test their crisis management plan to make sure it does the job?

You can with our help.

Keep reading to learn more about a crisis management training course with Pink Elephant.

How Do You Know If Your Crisis Management Plan Works?

It’s more than just damage control.

PR Crisis Management is about turning a tough situation into a win for your reputation. 

Our course is your toolkit for mastering the PR game when the heat is on.

Testing Your Crisis Plan

Ever wonder if your crisis plan actually holds up? We’ve got the ultimate test. 

From your HQ, our studio, or even online, we simulate the pressure cooker situations you need to ace.

Ready to see how you’d do?

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Crisis Management Training Course Outline

  • We test a rolling scenario – to assess how you would handle a developing crisis through the media
  • A reminder of our Golden Rules for handling the media
  • We put your spokespeople to the test through TV and radio interviews at our studios or virtually
  • Playback and analysis of your performances
  • Assessment of how your media releases and interviews played out
  • Take away a recording of your interviews, and we’ll send you a written analysis

Why choose us?

It means you’re serious about excellence.

Our Crisis Management Training is more than just talk – it’s about actionable skills that stand up to real-world tests. 

We understand the intricacies of PR Crisis Management and we’re here to guide you through.

Why Our PR Crisis Management Training Works

It’s practical.

You stress test your actual crisis protocols.

By simulating chaotic, worst-case situations, you diagnose flaws.

It’s customised. We tailor scenarios specifically to the risks your organisation faces.

It has experienced facilitators as our trainers have navigated real crises and news storms.

It builds muscle memory.

We recommend repeating the training yearly, so readiness becomes instinctive.

crisis management training

Think your team has what it takes? 

Let’s make sure. 

Crises are unpredictable.

With our simulations, your team gets rehearsal before the test. 

So, if calamity strikes, you’ve got this. 

With Pink Elephant Communications, it’s more than just facing a crisis – it’s about owning it.

Want to know more? Get in touch today and let’s set your team up for success.

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