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Negotiation Skills Training Course Scotland

Are you getting what you deserve from your job, your clients, your suppliers?

Or do you feel they always get one over on you?

Hone your negotiation skills with our help.

How’s your negotiating?

The very thought of being involved in a negotiation fills most people with dread.

That’s often because we misunderstand what good negotiation skills are.

The aggressive, hard-nosed, often unsuccessful approaches of The Apprentice candidates fuel that misunderstanding.

In reality, good negotiation skills start by asking the right questions, and listening to the answers.

All of us are negotiating in one way or another every single day.

But what about in high-stakes environments, when we’re agreeing a deal or negotiating pay rises?

And what happens when the other side enters that negotiation in bad faith, with mistrust, reluctance or an alternative agenda?

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Our Negotiation Skills Trainer Colin Harper will guide you through all you need to know to be a successful negotiator.

He’s a former Hostage and Crisis Negotiator with Police Scotland, and a graduate of the Hostage Negotiation Program at Quantico, Virginia.

By introducing you to the techniques honed by crisis negotiators over the years, he’ll help you build your understanding, confidence and skills.

And he’ll leave you at a point where you can get what you want and build effective relationships along the way, whatever the circumstances.

You’ll have three chances throughout the day to practise your new skills in a fun, welcoming environment, with expert analysis, feedback and coaching.

Combine these skills with language that’s easy to understand, committed, positive and direct, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals long-term.

Negotiation Skills Course Outline

  • Start by asking the right questions to fully understand your audience
  • We’ll help you build a case and anticipate objections
  • Now we’ll rehearse the conversations, with expert analysis
  • We’ll show you how to achieve your goals and build great relationships along the way

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