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Change Management Course

You know what changes are needed.

They say someone tried to make changes before and failed.

How will you get them to see it your way?

Do You Like Change?

No? That’s ok. Few do.

Change always starts with a vision: a clear picture of where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

Our change management course helps paint that vision – and gives you the techniques and the language to see it through.

“How can I explain that all this turmoil of the merger will settle down in time?” a client once asked us.

We said to explain this: “When two huge rivers come together, there’s turbulence for some distance.

“But a mile downstream, it’s one big river flowing with force in one direction.”

The complaining stopped. They started acting as one.

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Photo credit: jenny downing / Foter / CC BY

Change Management Course Outline

  • What’s your vision for change? We’ll help paint the picture
  • Identify the roles of those managing the change
  • How will you communicate it? We’ll explain the golden rules
  • How will you overcome objections? We’ll show you how
  • Who will keep you strong in adversity? We’re here to lend a hand

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