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Refresher Media Training Course

Loved the Pink Elephant media course – but I’ve forgotten to practise what I learned! So time for a refresher media course.

Bit Rusty? This Media Course is Made for You

Some time has passed since we did our last media course with you…and now you feel rusty. Time you took a refresher.

We’ll start by finding out if you’ve dealt with the media at all since we saw you last…then remind you briefly of the media handling rules we shared with you. Practice is the most important element today…so we’ll pack in four media interviews. One/two radio – and three/two TV interviews. Now you lead the analysis. What did you see? What did you learn? What opinion did you form of you as spokesperson for your organisation?

media course scotland rusty ship.

Photo credit: Hachimaki / Foter / CC BY-SA

Refresher Media Training Course Outline

  • What you’ve done with the media since we saw you last
  • A reminder of the golden rules for handling the media
  • Intense practice using our radio and TV studios or mobile studio
  • Playback and analysis of your performances…by you!
  • Advice on how to plug in to new media opportunities
  • Take away a recording of your interviews. We’ll send you a written analysis

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