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Communications Skills Training

Our communications skills training ranges from social media through telephone training to negotiation skills. Five courses to help your organisation reach its audiences. Better.

What Can People Expect From a Communication Skills Training Course with Pink Elephant?

From the comfort of our dedicated Glasgow broadcast studio, director Andrew McFarlan discusses Negotiation Skills Training, Social Media Training, Business Writing Training and Change Management Training.

Before you communicate anything, you need to ask yourself questions such as “what are my goals” and “what are the goals of my audience?” We’ll encourage you to ask these questions first, then allowing you to speak clearly, succinctly and positively. Our negotiation skills training helps you get what you want but also maintain the long-term relationship with your clients. Our social media training covers everything from setting up accounts to managing major advertising campaigns. Our business writing courses help you create an engaging presentation with your words.

Whether communicating to clients, suppliers or customers, communication skills are vital – and we’ll give you the Highway Code to communicate with confidence.


Negotiation Skills Course

Most things in life involve negotiation skills. Agreeing your terms and conditions. Persuading your three-year-old that it’s bedtime. How are yours?

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Group Social Media Course

Are you or your business missing out on opportunities because you’re confused by – or intimidated by – social media? We have the answer.

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Business Writing Course

Do you look at what you’ve written about your company and realise it’s lumpier than congealed porridge – and more difficult to digest? We’ll show you how to make your words as appealing as milk chocolate.

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Telephone Training Course

I’m frustrated. The person on the phone handling my complaint has all the empathy of a jellyfish and appears to be reading from a script! Is that your company they’re talking about?

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Change Management Course

You know the changes that will turn the company around – but you’re expecting a cold reception from your team and the workforce. We’ll help you with that one.

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Assertiveness Skills Training

Want to say no – but worried about offending others? Are you avoiding difficult conversations? Check out our assertiveness skills training.

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Meet Our Clients

Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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