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Colin Harper

Negotiation Skills Trainer

“First seek to understand, then be understood”.

A former Hostage and Crisis Negotiator with Police Scotland, COLIN HARPER runs our negotiation skills training courses at Pink Elephant.

His experience has taught him that good negotiation means listening first and speaking second.

But what happens when people enter these negotiations with mistrust, reluctance or in bad faith?

His negotiation skills training programme, developed with Pink Elephant, is informed by the skills of expert crisis negotiators over the decades, to help you negotiate with staff, bosses or hash out your next big deal, whatever the circumstances.

A graduate of the FBI Hostage Negotiation Program at Quantico, Virginia, Colin has been deployed in high-risk, life-or-death negotiations from North Lanarkshire to north Africa.

And outside work?

Colin’s passion is travelling and sharing new life experiences with his family.

He particularly enjoys kayaking when overseas, although his wife Hazel frequently has to prevent him from entering crocodile- and shark-infested waters!

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