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business crisis management, soldier in london

Business crisis management: Plan for every eventuality

The majority of business crisis management plans fail to account for events that disrupt the whole country. So how did the Queen’s death affect business?

15th September 2022

political analysis, conservative british prime minister debate

Political analysis: What Labour and the Conservatives are getting wrong

Bruising encounters on live TV between Prime Ministerial hopefuls. A Labour party unsure and unconvinced of their own policy on rail strikes. What’s going wrong?

28th July 2022

crisis communication plan, boris johnson, nick kyrgios

Crisis communication plan: What Boris Johnson and Nick Kyrgios have in common

What do outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and beaten Wimbledon finalist Nick Kyrgios have in common? When things go wrong, they blame other people. Read on for what we can learn.

20th July 2022

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