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Crisis Communication 101: The silent treatment

Major companies should know how to communicate in a crisis, but British Airways got it badly wrong. What should they have done instead? Read our blog.

28th August 2019

answering questions from journalists, Kwasi Kwarteng, BBC Breakfast

The only guarantees in life: death and taxes

Some of us are used to answering questions from journalists, but most of us just need to reassure family, friends or our colleagues when something’s gone wrong. But how? Read our blog.

21st August 2019

Answering Difficult Questions, Steven Gerrard, Some things best kept to ourselves

Some things are best kept to ourselves

How do you avoid offending colleagues, family or teammates when asked for an honest opinion? What is the key to answering difficult questions? Read our blog.

15th August 2019

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Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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