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Communication Skills Training Blog, predicting success with conditions

Communication skills: predicting success, with conditions

In this week’s communication skills training blog, we explain why we’re big believers in predicting success. And how you can use positive language to help move closer to your goals.

31st January 2018

How to answer difficult questions

US Ambassador to The Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, found himself in hot water this week when he failed to respond during some tough questioning from the press. Here’s the right way to answer difficult questions.

25th January 2018

Hawaii goes ballistic

What do you do when you think the world is about to end? Here’s my experience of the Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm – and what I believe should happen now.

17th January 2018

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Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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