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bill mcfarlan, pink elephant, speaking confidently

Clear communication: Christmas in New York

Americans are more confident and use clear communication when making commitments – especially when compared to Brits. Why? Read our blog for more.

30th December 2019

jeremy corbyn, honest communication

Honesty: a policy we can all support

Seldom is 4am TV fascinating unless it’s Labour MPs brutally analysing their election results. In business, we always need that honest communication. Read on for more.

20th December 2019

communication skills, woman in blue suit, thank you

Communication skills: Thanks for a job well done

A key component of good communication skills is saying thank you to colleagues, team members and suppliers. Read our five rules on showing gratitude.

12th December 2019

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Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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