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How to fire someone badly:’s Zoom call

Vishal Garg, from, fired 900 people on a Zoom call this week. If that’s the wrong way to do it, how can we all make difficult decisions with empathy, directness and integrity?

9th December 2021

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Campaign slogan writing: Greta Thunberg’s blah blah blah

Greta Thunberg’s iconic ‘blah blah blah’ quote will be remembered for years. It’s been quoted and reused by politicians, and printed in news headlines. So what’s made it work?

5th November 2021

Social media misinformation, facebook outage, pink elephant

Social media misinformation: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram’s outage

This past Monday, a trio of social media platforms went down for nearly six hours. Billions of us were left without access to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. And in its wake, social media misinformation spread like wildfire. Some tweeted that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform had been deleted. Others suggested it was self sabotage in the wake of damning […]

6th October 2021

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