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Business communication skills: Three tips to help

Business communication skills are the toughest to master.

We spend our whole lives communicating, but seemingly the rules are different in a business setting.

Conversations we’d have with our friends and family differ from those we’d have with our colleagues.

Our reputation, profit and, quite often, our careersare all determined by how well we communicate.

That’s a lot of pressure.

So, it’s understandable why people find business communication skills such a stressful topic.

The good news is there are tips to help you tackle those tricky work conversations.


1. Ditch the negative talk

business communication skills, Pink Elephant Communications, Colin Stone conducts interview

As Brits, we often jump to the negative.

“It’s not raining”, as opposed to “it’s dry”.

We’re “not bad”, rather than “we’re well”.

Here’s what I don’t want before I get to what I do want.

This style of communication leaves our audience focused on the negatives.

Does this mean we should avoid the negative? No, but we should address them positively.

When we emphasise what we are doing and what is happening, we ensure our message is clear.

A clear message is one of the most important business communication skills we can possess.

2. Get to the point

business communication skills, Pink Elephant Communications

Ever sat through a presentation and wished it lasted longer? The answer is, of course, no.

But I’ll bet you’ve sat through many meetings thinking “this could’ve been an email”.

People hate communications that drag on so, make sure you get to the point.

Research shows you have 26 words to captivate the attention of an audience before they switch off.

That’s just seven seconds on average.

If we looked at your most recent email, would it meet the 26-word test?

If we get to the point quickly, our audience is much more likely to listen.

3. Speak simply

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Everyone has been the person in the room struggling to understand the conversation.

Yet often those who need the most help are those least likely to ask for it.

So, how do we avoid alienating those finding it difficult? By speaking as simply as possible.

Often, we worry it’ll be seen as patronising if we bring our language back to basics.

However, one of the most vital business communication skills any of us can possess is the ability to speak to everyone.

Cut out the flowery, jargon-filled language and speak plainly.

If business communication skills still fill you with dread, we’d love to help.

Get in touch today to find out how we can improve your confidence communication in the business world.


Maxine Montgomery is a Media & Communications Trainer at Pink Elephant.

Read more about her here.


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Business communication skills blog written by Maxine Montgomery.
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