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Voice coaching Scotland: three steps to finding your voice

Have you ever winced when hearing the sound of your own voice?

You’re in good company.

This is something we help people with every month in our voice coaching training.

Led by our voice coach Colin Stone, he’ll take you through three simple steps to understanding your own vocal abilities.

It’s all built around growing your confidence.

Let’s get into those steps.

1. Volume

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We’ve all been told this from a young age.

Speak up.

The skill is in learning how to do this properly.

You need to understand using your diaphragm.

It’s something singers, chorists, and vocalists are taught.

It’s why performers in an opera can belt to the back of the hall without a microphone.

All about the diaphragm.

We’ll show you how to find it, engage it, and use it.

2. Pace

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This is the biggest challenge for speakers worldwide.

Typically, we speak too quickly.

There are three main benefits to slowing down:

  1. We give ourselves more control over our word choice
  2. The audience can absorb what we’re saying
  3. We give ourselves more time to think

Accent is less important.

Regardless of the part of the world you’re from, you have an accent.

We see it as a fresh sun tan.

It simply tells people you’ve spent time somewhere.

We’ll help you master a slow pace. Then, it’s onto the final step.

3. Tone

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This is what separates a good speaker from a great one.

Somebody who can use the tone of their voice to engage the room.

Playing all the notes of the keyboard rather than sticking to the middle.

It’s often the most challenging step to get right.

That’s where practising with Colin, and getting his feedback, comes in.

We’ll demonstrate how to vary your tone to keep people listening.

Whether that’s mixing intrigue with enthusiasm, or passion with authority.

Voice coaching Scotland: your next steps

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If a voice coaching session sounds like something you’d like to do, there’s one easy final step.

Email us.

We’ll let you know our availability and the best way we can help: our studios, your offices, or online.

It’s time to invest in you.


Colin Stone is Pink Elephant’s voice coach.

Read more about him here.


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Voice coaching Scotland blog written by Colin Stone.
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