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Presentation Masterclass on the Pink Elephant Academy

Our Presentation Masterclass is our most popular e-learning course.

Our 90-minute video series coves everything from your opening words to the crucial close.

As well as the role of structure and storytelling.

It’s designed like Netflix: you can stop at any point and pick up where you left off.

And all for only £99.

Welcome to the Pink Elephant Academy.

Investing in a life skill

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Learning how to present properly helps you in every area of life.

It’s how you speak to your loved ones.

It’s how you convince colleagues or customers to follow your course of action.

And it’s how you grow your self-belief in your own abilities.

Our Presentation Masterclass is focused on building your confidence in how you communicate.

It’s presented by our senior trainers Bill, Andrew and Colin.

In a series of video modules, they’ll share their decades of experience to help you.

Bill’s background is in presenting BBC programmes.

Andrew comes from a world of key messaging.

Colin’s broadcasting career saw him read the news for the whole country.

And all their knowledge is packaged up in our Presentation Masterclass.

What you can expect

presentation masterclass, bill mcfarlan on camera

We believe the best presentations have stories at their heart.

And it’s what you’ll hear laced throughout our e-learning Presentation Masterclass.

Bill will tell you all about his early experiences of presenting on television.

Andrew will share his insight as to why you can often feel nervous speaking in front of others.

Colin will go in depth on how he used his voice on the radio.

And all three will explain how you can apply these techniques to your own presenting style.

How to buy our Presentation Masterclass

presentation masterclass, how to buy

It’s simple.

Visit our Pink Elephant Academy today.

Create an account and preview the course for free.

It’s £99 to buy our 30 years’ worth of experience in communications.

And you can learn it all at your own pace.

It’s time to invest in you.


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