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Andrew McFarlan, pink elephant communications

Andrew McFarlan

Andrew McFarlan became Managing Director of Pink Elephant Communications in 2016 after several years as a Director.

If you want to understand the power of social media, ask him!

He’s a passionate believer in sharing what he’s learned about the power-drift from traditional to social media… and the endless opportunities that hands to the individuals and organisations who plug into the opportunities that presents.

Andrew has hosted well over 500 courses on social media, media training, presentation skills, public speaking, and concise writing.

Having gained a First Class Honours degree from the University of St Andrews, he’s worked in both business-to-business and business-to-customer sales and marketing organisations in London and Birmingham, Glasgow, and across Scotland.

He has several years’ experience working closely with business owners, mentors and investors in Entrepreneurial Spark and the Saltire Foundation.

Now Andrew’s focus is on working with clients to help them use our experience in getting their message across in new ways.

And Outside Work?

Andrew’s a keen sportsman – playing rugby, golf, and going to the gym. He volunteers with a Glasgow charity.

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