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Assertiveness training Glasgow

You’ve searched Assertiveness training Glasgow, and now you’re here.

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications and our Assertiveness training.

Who are we?

A Scottish company who’ve worked in 25 countries.

And delivered 4,000 training sessions.

With a talented team of trainers.

From the BBC and Edinburgh Council.

And from RyanAir and STV.

All with insight and knowledge of assertiveness training. 

Read on.

Assertiveness training Glasgow

assertiveness training glasgow, bill mcfarlan, what's in it for you

From Maryhill to Madrid and from Finnieston to Frankfurt.

Our Golden Rules of Communication are at the very centre of the courses we run.

They help strengthen your arguments.

They’ll sharpen the conversations you have every day.

And you’ll learn how to put it all together in a memorable structure.

There are some key issues at the core of assertiveness training.

They apply to your wider communication too.

Is your language clouded with jargon and abstract concepts?

We’ve got a clear rule to help you with that.

Are you having meetings and using words like “trying” or “hopefully”?

We’ll demonstrate what this is doing to your arguments. 

Is your language full of unnecessary negatives?

You’re not telling someone how to do their job.

You’re not saying they’re a bad colleague.

And you wouldn’t say they’re letting the team down.

Using only positives will transform this area.

Are you directly answering questions put to you?

We’ll show you what happens if you give a “politician’s answer”.

As well as the five possible answers you’ve got at your disposal.

And with all that considered, how do you bring it together?

That’s our memorable structure we mentioned earlier.

And that’s only scratching the surface of our assertiveness training Glasgow.

What’s in it for you?

Presentation skills training in Scotland, bill mcfarlan, assertiveness training glasgow

We’ve got one clear goal for everyone who does our assertiveness training.

To feel more confident when they leave than they did when they arrived.

As mentioned, we’ve got simple rules and techniques to pass on to you.

But we also talk about how you look and sound.

A significant part of being assertive is your body language.

As well as your tone of voice.

And your pace and pauses.

Ask yourself: how am I coming across?

During our assertiveness training, we’ll film our role-play scenarios.

And then watch them back.

So you can see for yourself how you come across.

As humans, we’re unable to analyse our performance while we’re in the moment.

And because our trainers worked in TV, they know it’s an invaluable exercise to do.

You’ll get your own copy of your performances on a USB at the end of the day.

It’ll have a selected Pink Elephant training vlog for you to watch too.

You’ll receive a copy of the Pink Elephant handbook.

As well as the best-selling Drop the Pink Elephant book.

Penned by company co-founder and Executive Chairman Bill McFarlan.

So, what next?

assertiveness training glasgow, so what's next, sse hydro, the sec

Pink Elephant training courses started up in 1989.

If you visit our Glasgow studios, we’re based in the scenic Pollok Park.

But our work takes us to every corner of the globe.

That being said, you’ve searched for ‘assertiveness training Glasgow‘.

Chances are you want to have a training session here.

This year alone, we’ve trained in Finnieston, Cowcaddens and Anderston.

So what’s the next step?

Give us a call on the phone number below.

And if you’re outside the UK?

Email us on the address at the bottom.

We deliver these courses wherever works for your business.

We’re excited to hear from you.

Does your team need assertiveness training?

Or is there another course we can offer you?

Time to find out.

Call us
0141 427 2545

E-mail us

Assertiveness training Glasgow photos by Pink Elephant and Jim_Nix on / CC BY-NC-SA.

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