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Assertiveness training Scotland: Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has a clear goal.

He wants 100,000 coronavirus tests done daily.

By the end of April.

Will he achieve it?

Well if it were determined by his assertiveness skills, yes he will.

So how important is it to assert ourselves to get things done?

Read on.

Assertiveness training Scotland

We’re been running assertiveness training in Scotland for years.

Clients feel they need to improve on their ability to get things done.

By asserting themselves firmly and politely.

So attending assertiveness skills courses in Scotland has given clients the skills to make things happen.

With the Health Secretary, this is a matter of life and death.

The likes of Germany have ramped up testing.

And they’ve had lower death rates involving coronavirus than the UK, Italy and France.

On April 5th, Matt Hancock appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr programme.

The burning issue was the UK’s very low rate of testing for the virus.

But Mr Hancock made a dramatic pledge.

Being assertive

Assertiveness training scotland, andrew marr, matt hancock, being assertive

The goal, he said, was to be carrying out 100,000 tests each day in the UK.

By the end of April.

He began:

I’ve set a very clear goal for the national as a whole.”

But Marr pointed out how difficult this would be.

Hancock asserted:

“Of course, there are going to be people saying it’s difficult.

“I didn’t say it would be easy getting to 100,000 a day…

“I said we needed to get to 100,000 a day.”

Here’s the clip of how it went.

So there are two key phrases that recur in all assertiveness training in Scotland.

Run by Pink Elephant Communications:

  1. “I’ve set a very clear goal…”
  2. “We need to…”

By setting a goal, you’re telling the world what you’re aiming for.

If it’s clearly defined, then everybody can join you in taking aim.

By telling people what needs to happen, you’re turning a wish into a command.

Of course, the health secretary was challenged by a sceptical Andrew Marr.

He interjected:

“You’re going to do it?”

And Hancock replied:

“I’m absolutely determined to do it.”

And there’s a third vital phrase.

Used on our courses in assertiveness training in Scotland.

“I’m absolutely determined…”

To be clear, the Health Secretary is unable to guarantee that his command will be met.

And that 100,000 tests will be carried out each day by the end of April.

Because he alone is unable to make it happen.

But in circumstances when we rely on others, we need to assert ourselves with key phrases.

Which combine to show a completely focused attitude.

And ultimately, lead to a more positive outcome.

“I’ve set a very clear goal

“I said we needed to get to 100,000

“I’m absolutely determined to do it.”

Staying positive

Assertiveness training scotland, andrew marr, matt hancock, staying positive

He spoke about larger industries and smaller firms pulling together to achieve the goal.

The words he used were entirely positive.

They were “doing an unbelievable job working 24/7 to make this happen”.

And there’s another aspect of assertiveness training in Scotland.

We use only positive words.

Politicians are criticised when they fail to answer the question.

They’re criticised when they fail to deliver on promises.

And so, many are reluctant to make a commitment.

This politician has set a highly-ambitious goal.

But only when we set “stretch” goals (which can appear out of reach) do we achieve more than unambitious goals can ever deliver.

So I applaud Mr Hancock in his assertiveness skills.

Backing up his very clear goal.

And I wish him every success in achieving it.

Because it could be the difference between life and death.


Bill McFarlan is co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Pink Elephant Communications in Glasgow.

You can read his full profile here.

And click here for our Pink Elephant vlog on handling a crisis.
Screenshots in Assertiveness training Scotland blog courtesy of BBC One.
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