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Public Speaking: 5 Top Tips For When Things Derail

In 28 years of helping people improve their public speaking abilities, we believe we’ve seen everything. Tears, uncontrollable laughter, technical failures, fainting, meltdowns… And that’s just the trainers. Here are five tips for when things derail during your public speaking performance – to get them back on track.

26th April 2017

Presentation Skills 101: Where’s your Evidence?

When there’s a lack of evidence, it breeds mistrust. Here’s how to find the right evidence in order to convince the audience of your argument.

19th April 2017

Crisis Communication: United’s Terrible Week

When in a hole, stop digging. If only United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz had done that this week during his own version of crisis communication. It’s really very simple: whatever business you’re in, have a plan. Follow good rules and you prevent bad things from happening.

13th April 2017

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Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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