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Three reasons to book your next media training course in Edinburgh

Running media training courses in Edinburgh is always a pleasure.

Since 1989, we’ve worked with fantastic teams from the Grassmarket to Gorgie.

Every session has been designed around one clear goal.

To build your team’s confidence when dealing with the media.

We do that by sharing our five Golden Rules of Communication with you.

And then putting you in the hot seat by recording broadcast interviews on realistic scenarios.

Here are three reasons why you should book your next media training course in Edinburgh.

1. It’s the seat of power in Scotland

The First Minister’s media briefing room in Edinburgh

In the best way possible, the capital is where cultures collide.

Every year, the city hosts the biggest arts festival in the world.

Every week, politicians decide on policy down the Royal Mile at Holyrood.

And every day, financial firms and big business keep Scotland moving.

There’s a real buzz around Edinburgh.

And it helps to add a realistic edge to the media scenarios we’ll put your team through.

2. Competitive advantage

media training course edinburgh, rick orr interviews on a course

This is an important point we make on every media training course.

If you turn down the opportunity for a media interview, what happens next?

From a journalist’s perspective, it’s simple.

We ask a competitor in the same industry.

And they’re the one who steals your headline.

Working with the media is the best source of free advertising in the world.

With the amount of news outlets in Edinburgh, it’s a great location to instantly activate the skills you’ll learn.

And whether you’re speaking to Forth One or Edinburgh Live, you’re ready to take advantage.

3. Venture outside of your comfort zone for a day

media training course edinburgh, happy participants

People we work with often tell us the same thing at the end of training courses.

I wish I’d done this training earlier in my career.

The day’s designed to build your confidence with the media.

But it’s also rules for communicating in everyday life.

In our experience, the best way to learn is to make mistakes.

And trust us, things will go wrong with the media.

That’s often what puts us off engaging with them: fear.

How about we help you turn that fear into bravery?

It starts by deciding to put a media training course in Edinburgh at the top of your agenda.

Rather than putting it off for next year because the thought of a media interview is scary.

Take the plunge.

And come out the other side feeling much, much better about it.

So, what’s next?

crisis management edinburgh, princes street, jason leitch

It’s easy.

Email us.

We’ll share how we’ll run the course with you.

We’ll get a date booked in the diary.

Then we’ll work together to create realistic media scenarios for your team.

Every session we run has one clear goal.

To give you more confidence in dealing with the media than you had when you first arrived.

Let us do that for your team.


Colin Stone is Communications Lead at Pink Elephant.

You can read more about his own media background here.


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