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Presentation skills London

Looking for presentation skills London?

A training course to grow your confidence and build your skillset?

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications.

From Milbank to Mayfair, we’ve been running courses in the capital since 1989.

Read on for how we can help you.

Communicating more clearly

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We often start our training sessions in London with a question.

Who taught you how to communicate?

Usually, it’s your parents.

And were they the best communicators?

Usually, no.

So we’ve got to unpick a lot of how we come across.

And learn new habits to replace them.

We’ll do that on our presentation skills course by sharing our five Golden Rules of Communication.

A science to guide you on how to present more effectively.

Then we’ll give you three chances to put it into practice yourself.

We’ll ask you to present for up to 3 minutes, which we’ll record.

Then as a group, we’ll watch the presentations and analyse what we like.

As well as identify what we can still improve.

From rugby to renewables

presentation skills london, training around the table

Our senior trainers largely come from the world of TV and radio.

Communication experts with the experience of speaking live to millions.

They’re here to help you.

Throughout your session, they’ll share their analysis and honest feedback on how you present.

It’s advice that every single person, regardless of industry, can benefit from.

In the past year for example, we’ve worked with everyone from national rugby teams to renewable energy giants.

And every person who has come through our training has left with the skills they need to continue improving.

So, how do I book?

presentation skills london, andrew mcfarlan on the tube

Easy: email us.

Tell us who you want trained, why, and when.

We’ll share how we’d propose to run the course and how much it’ll cost.

Then we’ll get a date in the diary.

It’s that simple.

We’re excited to work with you.

And to bring your presentation skills from good to great. 


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