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Scottish media training

There’s an old-fashioned idea that Scottish media training is something from a bygone era.

The opposite is true. It’s more relevant and necessary than ever.

In previous decades, the news was something that appeared in a daily newspaper or aired on nightly TV programmes.

Today, it’s constant.

A viral TikTok can send your business into crisis mode. Online stories are published quicker than you can respond.

So how can we help you or your team?

By sharing everything we learned from being the media to help you work with the media. 

Read on.

Scottish media training

scottish media training, rachael fulton interviews, pink elephant

Our team’s background is with the BBC, STV and Radio Clyde.

Broadcast journalists like Colin Stone and Bill McFarlan.

Writers like Rachael Fulton and Rick Orr.

Combined, the team has covered thousands of news stories.

Everything from independence referendums to UK elections.

And interviewing everyone from the world’s fastest man to Scottish First Ministers.

We’ll share everything we know to give you the confidence to deal with journalists.

It starts with sharing our five Golden Rules of Communication.

What does the course look like?

scottish media training, colin stone interviews, pink elephant

Giving a good media interview is like performing well in a sport.

It’s all down to technique.

The more you practice it, the better you’ll become at it.

And we’ll give you the tools to build that technique.

First, to begin the training, we’ll discuss jargon.

Second, we’ll talk about getting to the point.

Third, it’s onto speaking only in positives.

Fourth, we’ll discuss demonstrating commitment.

And fifth, giving direct answers to direct questions.

Then it’s time to put that all into practice.

With three rounds of media interviews.

We’ll kick off with radio before moving onto TV, sharing our advice along the way.

We’ll record each interview before playing them back to analyse what happened.

Then, after deciding what we liked and what we can still improve, we’ll repeat the exercise.

And you’ll leave the session with the experience of successfully completing media interviews.

Having said things that you planned to say.

Where do we run these courses?

presenter training glasgow, lochinch house pollok park, pink elephant studios, scottish media training

We started running Scottish media training in 1989.

Since then, we’ve run over 4,000 courses in 25 countries on four continents.

And we’ve worked with some of the biggest organisations on the planet.

You’ve got three options for our courses.

  1. Visit our broadcast studios in Glasgow’s Pollok Park
  2. We’ll come to your premises to run the session with a mobile studio
  3. Run the session online

Let us know what suits you.

Email us today to find out how to book a course for you or your team.

Or, if you want to learn immediately, buy our e-learning video course Working with the Media.

We look forward to putting you through your paces.

And growing your confidence in the process.


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