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Presentation skills course Edinburgh: Our training

You’ve searched for ‘presentation skills course Edinburgh‘, and you’ve found Pink Elephant.

A Scottish company delivering just that in our capital city.

We’ve got a clear goal for everyone who comes on our courses

To feel more confident when they leave than they did at the start.

We’ve got simple rules and techniques to help you do this.

We’ll show you how to speak with authority.

With or without notes.

We’ll demonstrate how to answer questions while making your point.

Want to find out more about how a Pink Elephant presentation skills course can help you?

Read on.

Presentation skills course Edinburgh

pink elephant training courses, presentation skills course edinburgh, bill mcfarlan

We run courses all across the world.

We’ve worked in 25 countries to date.

From Stockholm to Stirling and from Erding to Edinburgh.

Our Golden Rules of Communication are at the heart of each course.

They help your presentations stand out.

They’ll make your daily communication much easier.

And you’ll learn how to structure it all.

Are you using too much jargon?

Our first principle helps you with that.

Are you telling your audience what you’re “trying” or “hoping” to do?

We’ll demonstrate a stronger way of wording your goals.

Are you using unnecessary negatives in your presentations?

Things you would never do, won’t achieve and can’t get.

The benefits of using only positive language will become crystal clear.

Can you directly answer a direct question while making your point?

It’s too early to say.

We’ll give you the five answers which let you do that.

And considering those points, how do you format your presentation?

We’ll share our memorable structure to sculpt any communication.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a presentation skills course in Edinburgh.

What will you get out of it?

presentation skills course edinburgh, forth rail bridge, blue skies

We cover each aspect of communication in our Pink Elephant courses.

That’s everything from how you use your voice.

To the words you choose.

As well as what your body language says about how you feel.

How are you coming across?

We’ve got a solution to show you.

We film your performance and watch it back.

Our trainers, like Bill McFarlan and Colin Stone, have careers in television.

They learned what they were doing well by watching themselves back.

Uncomfortable at first, but an important analytical skill to learn.

As humans, we’re unable to analyse ourselves while we present.

Which is why we film it, and watch it.

So you can see for yourself what your audience saw.

And at the end of our Pink Elephant course, you’ll get a USB with your own presentations.

It’ll also have the latest Pink Elephant presentation skills training vlog for you to enjoy.

You’ll take away the Pink Elephant handbook.

And you’ll also receive a copy of Drop the Pink Elephant.

That’s the book written by co-founder and Executive Chairman Bill McFarlan.

The main thing we want you to take away from the course, though, is more confidence.

That’s what you’ll get on a presentation skills course Edinburgh.

So, what now?

presentation skills course edinburgh, so what now, pink elephant

We’ve been running Pink Elephant training courses for decades.

We started more than 30 years ago in 1989.

Our studios are based in Glasgow.

But we’ll go wherever the work takes us.

Especially if your Google search of ‘presentation skills course Edinburgh‘ has led you to us.

So what do you need to do now?

You’ve done the first part: you’ve found Pink Elephant.

From searching presentation skills course Edinburgh to a vastly experienced company doing exactly that.

Here’s your next step.

Call us on the phone number is below.

Or if you’re outside the UK, email us.

Remember, we deliver these courses wherever suits you and we’d love to hear from you.

Tell us what courses you believe would benefit you or your team.

Media training.

Crisis communication.


And much more.

Let us give you a training day you’ll always remember.

Call us
0141 427 2545

E-mail us

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