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Media training course Scotland

You’ve searched for media training course Scotland.

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications in Glasgow.

From working with the Scottish Justice Secretary the day before he faced the media.

After he released the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

To helping Glasgow win the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

We’ve been through it all over the last 30 years.

You may be looking to build confidence when facing the cameras.

Or you want to sharpen your message against a journalist’s questions.

Or learn how to deal with an unfolding crisis scenario.

We’re here to help you.

Read on.

Media training course Scotland

media training course scotland, lochinch house, pink elephant communications

From TV presenters to PR leaders, our expert trainers will share their experiences with you.

Real stories from the world of live television and radio.

Our senior trainer Colin Stone has a background with STV News and Radio Clyde.

While our co-founder and Executive Chairman Bill McFarlan forged his career with the BBC.

Together, their 40 years of experience in the media is invaluable.

At a time when the news landscape is ever-changing.

You’ll be introduced to a radio reporter’s different methods of interviewing.

And how to make the technology work for you.

You’ll see the difference between an in-person interview.

And one done over Skype or Zoom.

You’ll learn how to ensure you get to say everything you planned in your interview.

As well as a memorable structure to piece it all together.

That’s only scratching the surface of our media training course Scotland.

Because there’s also your body language, tone of voice and pace to bear in mind.

All crucial aspects of a successful media interview.

What will I take away from it?

media training course scotland, bill mcfarlan, pink elephant communications

Under the term Media training course Scotland, there’s a range of different strands.

Newspapers, online, radio, television and social media.

And then there are the strands beneath that.

Like how you’re coming across, and what the audience thinks.

You’ll get to see for yourself how you look and sound.

Because we record the interviews you’ll do on the day.

And then we’ll listen and watch them back.

Otherwise, you’re only left with the impression of how it felt to be under pressure. 

Instead of how it actually went.

At the end of the session, you’ll get a USB with your own interviews on it.

It’ll have a well-chosen Pink Elephant vlog for you to enjoy too.

You’ll also take away the Drop the Pink Elephant book and a Golden Rules handbook.

What do I need to do now?

media training course scotland, bill mcfarlan, what do i do now

It’s very simple.

If you’re interested in finding out more, call us.

The number’s at the bottom of this blog.

And if you’re from outside the UK, email us.

The address is also listed below.

We may be based in Glasgow, but we’ve worked in 25 countries.

Ran media training courses from Dyce to Dallas.

And from Tokyo to Thurso. 

We’ll go wherever the training is needed.

You’ve searched for ‘media training course Scotland‘ though.

So, we can host you – or come to your place of work.

We’re excited to hear from you about how our media training can help you.

Get in touch today.


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Media training course Scotland photos by Pink Elephant Communications.

Media training course Scotland

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