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Assertiveness training Edinburgh

If you’re looking for Assertiveness training Edinburgh, you’re in the right place.

We’re Pink Elephant Communications.

A Scottish company who’ve delivered 4,000 training sessions across 30 years.

With a team of trainers to suit your needs.

Former RyanAir PR gurus and heads of comms at Edinburgh Council.

As well as journalists from STV and BBC presenters.

Experts when it comes to assertiveness training. 

Keep reading.

Assertiveness training Edinburgh

assertiveness training edinburgh, marjory kenny, pink elephant

From Leith to London and from Rosyth to Rome.

Our Golden Rules of Communication are the heart of our courses.

Everything from the positivity of your language.

To answering a question directly.

Are you telling someone that “hopefully”, you’ll “try your best” to help them?

We’ll give you better phrases to use.

And we’ll give you a memorable structure to tie it all together.

Then there’s the role play aspect.

The best way to practise being assertive is to test it out.

We’ll have cooked up some tricky scenarios for you.

Conversations you’d rather avoid having. 

Difficult chats with difficult people.

And we’ll discover how you get on.

It’s fun.

And it’s the tip of the iceberg of our assertiveness training Edinburgh.

What if I’m nervous?

assertiveness training edinburgh, what if i'm nervous, bill mcfarlan, colin stone

Hundreds of people do our assertiveness training every year.

We have a clear goal for every single one of them.

To make them feel more confident when they leave.

Compared to when they arrived.

Our trainers will put you at ease.

Like they do with every single course we run. 

They’re experts on body language and using your voice.

Both key aspects of assertiveness training.

During our session, we’ll film some of our role-play.


So you can see for yourself how you’re coming across in real life.

As opposed to how it felt at the time.

You’ll be the only person who gets a copy of your filmed scenarios.

On the USB you get will also be a Pink Elephant training vlog for you to enjoy.

You’ll take away your copy of the Pink Elephant handbook

And the best-selling Drop the Pink Elephant book too.

The next step

assertiveness training edinburgh, pink elephant, the next step

Pink Elephant was founded in 1989.

We’ve been running courses all over the world.

25 countries, to be exact.

That being said, you’ve searched for ‘assertiveness training Edinburgh‘.

So you’ll be looking for a session in Scotland’s capital.

This year, we’ve already run courses in Leith, at Waverley Station and on Princes Street.

So, what now?

Call us on the phone number at the end of this post.

And if you’re based somewhere outside Great Britain?

Email us.

The address is also listed below.

We’re excited to hear from you, wherever you are in the world.

And give your team the assertiveness training they need.


Call us
0141 427 2545

E-mail us

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Assertiveness training Edinburgh

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