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Marjory Kenny presentation skills media training.

Marjory Kenny

Communications Trainer

Marjory Kenny worked as a chief reporter for a number of years with the Falkirk Herald, before lecturing on journalism at Napier University.

She joined Edinburgh City Council in the early 90s, and by the time she left in 2012, she headed the city’s large public relations team.

There, she dealt with every situation imaginable: from social work tragedies to the highly-sensitive construction of Edinburgh’s tram project.

Marjory is an award-winning journalist who brings a wealth of experience to our media training and presentation skills courses.

And Outside Work?

Marjory is an active member of Breakthrough 100, a group of businesswomen who raise funds for research into breast cancer.

She climbs mountains and regularly jumps out of planes (with a parachute).

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