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TED Talk Training London: three things we can learn from the best speakers

At our most recent TED Talk training London session, we came to an agreement.

Almost all of the world’s great modern-day speakers can be found at TED.


Because it’s communication at the highest level.

It’s storytelling, stage presence, and memorable messaging moulded into one seamless performance.

While we demonstrate these key techniques into a one-day training, these talks take months to prepare.

Here are three things to get you started.

1. What’s my point?

TED Talk Training London, maxine illuminated by lights

For many of us in business, giving a TED Talk is a career ambition.

There’s a misconception, though, that these talks are merely examples of grandiose storytelling.

It’s far more than that.

Sure, there are visual, beautifully-told stories in almost every TED Talk.

But these stories serve a purpose.

They link to a key point, or points, the speaker wants to make.

So before you even get to the storytelling, ask yourself: what’s my point?

It’s only then that you can begin navigating to stories that demonstrate your argument.

2. Plan your pauses

TED Talk Training London, colin stone on the screen

Silent pauses are a sign of confidence to your audience.

They’re often underused, though.

Adrenaline is pumping. Our heartbeat is racing.

A by-product of that is we speed up.

We rush through our speech.

And our audience misses out on the chance to truly savour our words, and absorb their meaning.

So plan your pauses.

Draw them into your script.

Give yourself, and the audience, room to breathe.

3. Visit the venue

This one is often overlooked.

We know where our talk or speech is being delivered, but we only visit on the day itself.

On occasion, the first time we walk on the stage is for the actual performance.

Wherever possible, visit the venue in advance. 

Figure out what your voice will sound like in the space.

Check how much, if any, of the audience you’re able to see once the lights are up.

There’s real comfort in knowing what to expect when you get up to speak.

This is a key way of doing just that.

TED Talk Training London

TED Talk Training London, andrew mcfarlan leads a course

If you’re looking for dozens of practical tips for giving your own TED-style Talk, contact us.

We’ve been running these courses on four continents since 1989.

It’s time to invest in you.


Colin Stone is Communications Lead at Pink Elephant.

Read more about him here.


Photos in TED Talk Training London by Pink Elephant Communications.
TED Talk Training London blog written by Colin Stone.
TED Talk Training London edited by Andrew McFarlan. 

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