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Three steps of Talk like TED training

Have you wondered what our Talk like TED training is all about?

It’s built around one clear goal. 

Getting you to the top tier of public speakers.

TED Talks are some of the best examples of public speaking you can find.

Individuals with a firm grasp of delivery and storytelling combined.

Here’s what you can expect from a course with us.

Step One: Start with the theory

Talk like TED training, pink elephant on top of books

There’s something that sits at the heart of every good TED Talk.

Interesting, well-crafted content.

Everything from word choice to the talk’s structure.

And that’s where we begin our courses.

We’ll discuss the issue of using jargon in front of a wide audience.

We’ll demonstrate how our Pyramid of Communication helps you get to the point.

And we’ll reinforce the power of positive language.

Once we’ve done a deep dive on the theory, it’s onto the next part.

Step Two: Work on the story

bill mcfarlan in pink elephant studio, mug on table, talk like ted training

Ever noticed how the majority of TED Talkers get you hooked in the opening minute?

It’s by telling you a story.

And more than simply stating the facts, they involve you.

They make you feel something.

And once they’ve done that, you’re fully engaged.

So what’s your story?

How can you involve your audience from the opening sentence?

And how visual can you be with your words?

This is what we’ll help you with.

It often takes several rewrites to finally deliver the story in its purest form.

That’s what our course will give you the space to do.

Step Three: Fine-tune the delivery

talk like ted training, colin stone stands in front of screen

You’ve got your story.

You know your content.

So how’s your delivery?

That’s the final step of our Talk like TED training.

We’ll start by analysing your voice.

What’s your pace like? How interested do you sound? Where’s your tone sitting?

Next, it’s onto the body language.

What are your hands doing? How will you use the stage?

And lastly, the eye contact.

How much of the talk will you memorise? And what’s the balance of eye contact versus reading the autocue?

Once we’ve tackled those areas, it’s over to you.

Talk like TED training

public speaking course, colin stone pink elephant

You’ll leave our training with every tool you need at your disposal.

Because now the success of your TED Talk is up to you.

What’s the best way of building your confidence in what you’re saying?

Practice, practice, practice.

And rather than do that in front of a mirror, record yourself.

Watch it back.

Analyse what’s working and what you can still improve.

And focus on delivering the best talk in the most engaging way possible.

If you’re interested in this course, email us today.

Let us help build your skills – and your confidence.


Colin Stone is Communications Lead for Pink Elephant.

Read more about him here.


All photos in Talk like TED Training blog by Pink Elephant.

Talk like TED Training blog edited by Andrew McFarlan.

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