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presentation skills training glasgow, andrew mcfarlan stands on stage

Presentation skills training Glasgow: Three tips for stage presence

We’ve run presentation skills training sessions in Glasgow since 1989.

Every week, we help people build confidence in how they present.

We take a deep dive into structure, word choice, voice and body language.

But what about stage presence?

It’s a topic we usually save for advanced courses.

Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Are you a walker or a stander?

presentation skills training glasgow, andrew mcfarlan stands at a window

This one is a personal choice.

Everyone feels differently about using the stage.

Some people want to stand on the spot.

Others, like me, prefer to walk around.

Make up your mind before you take to the stage.

Why? Because we risk getting caught in between the two.

We sway from side to side, shifting our weight.

We rock in a heel-toe fashion.

Both are immensely distracting for the audience.

So ask yourself: are you a walker or a stander?

2. Watch where you step

Presentation skills training Glasgow, colin stone giving a talk on stage

We’ve seen this happen all over the world.

The speaker has given a fantastic presentation.

They wrap up and ask for questions.

And they take a backward step.

Ceding ground to the audience.

It looks defensive.

So instead, step forward towards the audience.

Demonstrate that you welcome the questions.

You can also do this at the very start of your presentation too, if you’re a stander.

Step forward into your opening sentence.

It’s a great way to show your willingness to engage with those listening.

3. Use speaker’s stance for your hands

Presentation skills training Glasgow, andrew mcfarlan uses speakers stance

How can you demonstrate strong, positive body language to an audience?

Use speaker’s stance.

Here’s a Twitter snap of me demonstrating it at a Scottish Power talk.

Andrew’s doing it in the image above, too.

It’s your hands together in a central position around your belt buckle.

This gives them a place to start and return to.

It allows for plenty of open-hand gestures once you start speaking.

Rather than putting your hands behind your back, or in your pockets.

Or even hanging listlessly by your side.

Let your hands do the talking for you.

Presentation skills training Glasgow: what next?

Presentation skills training Glasgow, lochinch house pink elephant studio in the snow

It’s easy.

If you want to come to our Glasgow studios for a course, get in touch.

Looking for a one-to-one session? We’ve got you covered.

Or would your team benefit from a group course?

Even better.

We’ll even come to your premises, if you like.

Let us help build your confidence in how you communicate.


Colin Stone is Communications Lead at Pink Elephant Communications.

Read more about him here.


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