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Media training online: the Pink Elephant Academy

Media training online has become highly sought-after since the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020.

Knowing how to approach journalists when you’ve got a story to tell.

Understanding how to put together the press release.

And preparing to answer the difficult questions that follow.

We’re delighted to introduce our latest e-learning course to the Pink Elephant Academy.

It’s called Working with the Media.

And it’s got everything you need to know for getting your story out there.

Read on.

Our trainers

media training online, pink elephant communications, bill mcfarlan

Working with the Media is presented by Bill McFarlan and Colin Stone.

Both come from the world of journalism.

Bill spent 25 years in the industry, anchoring news and sport programmes for the likes of the BBC and Scottish Television.

Colin's expertise comes as recently as the 2019 UK general election, which he reported on live for Radio Clyde.

He also read the national news for Scottish Television and was one of the faces of STV Glasgow, which launched in 2014.

What's included in the course?

media training online, pink elephant academy, lesley

Bill and Colin have condensed and distilled their experience and knowledge into 45 video modules.

You can watch these at your own pace.

They include everything from the different media outlets in the UK to the importance of knowing your audience.

How to write your press release and how to get audio to a radio station's newsroom.

Dispersed throughout the Working with the Media course are practical examples starring Speedy Meet founder Lesley Collins.

She'll demonstrate the principles in a sit-down TV interview with Bill.

As well as show you the impact of saying the wrong thing. 

And the potential headlines - good and bad - that can follow.

Media training online

media training online, glasgow, edinburgh, bill mcfarlan

The media is a fantastic tool for amplifying your message.

As well as being the microscope to investigate important issues.

How you use it is up to you and your organisation.

Let us show you how.

Buy our Working with the Media e-learning course here.


The Pink Elephant Academy launched on Monday 7th September at

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