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Media training in the US: Three reasons it’s needed

Media training in the US is a whole different ball game to the UK.

People often make the assumption that a journalist is a journalist and the media landscape is the same wherever you go.

This is entirely false.

Both in the UK and in the US, there are laws that the press must abide by.

However, those rules are completely different.

For example, in the US commenting and sharing opinions on Donald Trump’s trial before the former president was even convicted was perfectly fine.

In the UK, this would see you slapped with a fine and possible jail time for contempt of court.

If your business has media training needs in both the US and the UK, it’s vital these differences are made clear.

Here are our three top tips for handling media training in the US.

media training in the US

Coping with scrutiny

There are far fewer restrictions on what a journalist in the US can say compared with here in the UK.

That means the questions you are faced with will likely be much, much tougher.

Are you prepared for that?

The answer is likely no – it’s a daunting thought!

It’s vital you are put to the test by real journalists, with real experience, who can guide you through this minefield.

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Understanding the journalist mindset

We like to think of journalists as a paint colour chart from black to white.

You’ll have those who are out to make a name for themselves – we’re sure you’ll be able to think of some examples!

Similarly, you’ll have those who you very see or even realise that the news you are consuming has come from them.

Most journalists fall somewhere in between, with every possible shade of grey you can imagine.

So, it’s vital you have someone on your team who understands exactly how – and why – they think the way they do.

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Preparation is a key

In a world where you are surrounded by “citizen journalists” who share everything online at the click of a button, we need to be constantly on guard.

In America, social media is even more popular than in the UK – if you can imagine that!

So, it’s vital for media training in the US to consider this aspect.

Our goal is to give your entire communication a shift, rather than rely on a box of tricks for when a journalist appears.

Because, in 2024, that could be at any minute!

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Media training in the US

Keen to find out more about how we can help your media training in the US needs?

Get in touch to speak to one of our senior trainers about what we can offer and how we can help you feel confident dealing with the press.


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Media training in the US: Three reasons it’s needed blog
written by Maxine Montgomery.
Media training in the US: Three reasons it’s needed blog edited by Andrew McFarlan.

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