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business public speaking training, andrew mcfarlan stands in training

Business public speaking training

Looking for business public speaking training?

You’re in the right place.

Our training’s designed to give you the confidence to pitch your business confidently.

To offer internal updates with style.

And to continue developing your leadership skills.

Here’s why we believe public speaking is a fundamental skill.

1. We’re communicating externally every day

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Yet who taught us how to communicate?

We learned speech from our parents.

Teachers demonstrated how to count and write.

College or university taught us how to code or analyse data.

But communication? That’s a mix of everyone and everything.

Typically, in the absence of direct coaching, we pick up easy shortcuts and bad habits.

If we see an acronym, we find out what is it (privately, of course), then use it ourselves.

We see someone emailing a customer to avoid a confrontation, inadvertently making it worse, and yet we repeat the same behaviour when it comes to us.

Or we see someone flagging when being asked questions in a public environment.

So, we decline the opportunity next time rather than prepare fully and take the opportunity.

What about if someone gave you a toolkit to use every day that enhanced your relationships and preserved your reputation.

We call those our Golden Rules of Communication, designed to help every email, speech and interaction.

You’ll learn that first and it will stay with you your whole life.

2. We’re uncomfortable pitching

business public speaking training, andrew mcfarlan reads paper

Ok, some are very good at it.

But they’re few and far between.

Just watch The Apprentice or Dragons’ Den.

The pitching standard of those who are meant to be at the top of their game is often seriously lacking.

Typically, skill is built on preparation, practice and confidence.

We’ll help you prepare every presentation or pitch so you get to the point immediately.

So you know exactly what’s motivating your audience and communicate that clearly.

So you can answer the tough questions that you’re asked.

And preserve your business’s reputation along the way.

The funny thing is, hardly anyone cares about whether you’re nervous.

They care more about themselves and how they’re affected by what you have to say.

So tell them that immediately.

“Today I’m going to help you improve your bottom line.”

“let’s talk about how we make this a better place to work.”

“I’m asking for £20,000 of investment…”

3. You’ll increase your chances of promotion

business public speaking training, rachael fulton takes photo in training room

Whisper this one quietly.

In any industry, the great communicators rise to the top.

They have the ability to speak to all audiences, tailoring their message as they move around.

They can explain the business simply and communicate its competitive advantage persuasively.

And they can handle difficult conversations and major announcements with the same level of calmness.

In short, they know the public eye is on them, but through preparation, practice and confidence (over time), it fails to rattle them.

So if you invest in a business public speaking course, remember it’s an investment in you too.

We’ll give you skills to help you pitch yourself.

To interview with confidence.

And to tackle any difficult conversation proactively to demonstrate leadership.

A lifetime of public speaking confidence

business public speaking training, andrew mcfarlan stands to speak

How great would it have been if you did this course on Day One in work?

So get involved now by clicking here.

Email or call us and take the first step towards greater public speaking confidence.

Or, if you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, we’ve got our e-learning Academy.

Build your skillset with our video-based Presentation Skills Masterclass.


Andrew McFarlan is the Managing Director of Pink Elephant Communications.

You can read more about him here.


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