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Will your Slogan Succeed or Fail?

“Strong and stable” is now being used to attack Prime Minster Theresa May’s government, rather than represent it. Slogans need to pass three tests if they are to succeed. If yours is too simplistic, use our communication skills method to paint your vision clearly.

14th November 2017

On Clive Lewis, Negativity and “Not Groping”

Negativity sells in the media. So you must be relentlessly positive every time you open your mouth in front of a journalist. Here’s how to do that, to keep on the right side of the media.

8th November 2017

If In Doubt, Leave It Out -Media Training - Glasgow - Mr Grove

Mr. Gove: If in Doubt, Leave It Out

When is a joke unfunny? When you’re the butt of it! Ask Environment Secretary Michael Gove. Here’s why humour can be dangerous and how you can play it safe with the media.

30th October 2017

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Build Your Confidence

Some media trainers knock you down…and leave you down. Our media coaches show you how to deal with each knock…and still win through. So you have the presentation skills to perform – with confidence.

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