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Virtual presenter training

Virtual presenter training is vital for those looking to take their communication to the next level.

Because the way we share ideas, pitch for business and speak to senior management has changed forever.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to move online.

A world of long webinars, dodgy internet connections and people constantly on mute.

There’s a far better way of doing things.

And this is where our Virtual Presenter Training comes in.

More than 30 years’ experience

virtual presenter training, pink elephant communications, bill mcfarlan

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications.

We’re based in Glasgow, Scotland – but run training courses worldwide.

Pre-pandemic, our work took us to the likes of Madrid, Nice, New York and Dubai.

And we’re able to continue working internationally through our virtual sessions.

We’ve been doing this since Pink Elephant was founded back in 1989.

And with expert trainers – ranging from TV presenters to PR gurus – our virtual presenter training is all-encompassing.

Because the key to presenting well virtually is understanding how to talk to camera.

Which is where the experience of former BBC host Bill McFarlan and ex-STV News journalist Colin Stone is worth its weight in gold.

Virtual presenter training

For years, Colin and Bill spoke to millions of people across the UK.

They did it by addressing the camera lens directly.

And this is often first mistake people make on virtual calls.

They talk to the screen in front of them, rather than the camera.

It’s these sort of industry hints, tips and tricks that we’ll share with you on our Virtual Presenter Training.

Getting your lighting right is vital in how you’re being seen.

Adjusting your audio settings before you begin any call is crucial.

And ensuring your eyeline, framing and use of notes are seamless all play their part.

So what’s next?

pink elephant, virtual presenter training, scotland

If you believe you or your team could benefit massively from this sort of session, read on.

Our Virtual Presenter Training comes in a variety of formats.

If you’d like to buy our pre-packaged e-learning video course, it’s right here.

You can watch the video series in your own time at your own pace.

If you’d rather we run the course live via an interactive webinar, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve held dozens of these since March 2020.

Let us give you a virtual training day you’ll always remember.

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