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Virtual Presentation Training Scotland, pink elephant communications, colin stone

Virtual Presentation Training Scotland

Virtual presentation training Scotland has been in high demand since March 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to adapt to the online world.

We pitched for work from our living rooms.

We held team calls from the kitchen.

And we made it work.

But you can go far and beyond simply ‘making it work’.

There are techniques you can use to take your virtual presenting to the next level.

And with remote working set to be a part of life, it’s vital you build your virtual confidence.

Who are we?

Virtual presentation training Scotland, pink elephant communications, bill mcfarlan

At Pink Elephant, we’ve run more than 7,000 training sessions across five continents over 30 years.

We’re based in Glasgow and we work all over the world.

From Nairn to Nice, and Edinburgh to Erding. 

Our expert trainers are former TV presenters and media spokespeople.

And with decades of experience comes the know-how of talking directly to the camera.

Engaging an audience from start to finish.

Which is something we’ve all been learning to do post-pandemic.

Let’s talk about what we can help you and your team do.

Virtual presentation training Scotland

Virtual Presentation Training Scotland, pink elephant communications

We’ll help you and your team master the basics of communication.

Rules that apply both virtually and for presenting in person.

This is everything from the words you choose to use.

As well as your body language and how to use your voice.

It’s crucial that your virtual setup is the best it can be, though.

And our tutors will guide you on how you can look and sound your best online.

Once we’ve talked theory, we’ll move onto the practical elements.

Practice makes perfect

virtual presentation skills training, the news cycle, edinburgh media training, pink elephant communications

You’ll begin to see the difference in your presenting once we move to the practical stage.

You’ll get three chances to present on your chosen topic.

Our exper trainers will give you their feedback on your performance.

And they’ll demonstrate how you can analyse any future presentation yourself.

At the end of the training, you’ll get a copy of your recorded presentations and our Golden Rules e-book.

The rest is up to you.

To put these rules into practise every day for the rest of your life.

So how can you make this happen?

Arrange your training

pink elephant, virtual presentation training scotland

It’s really easy.

Write to us at

Let us know what you’re looking for.

We’ll handle the rest.

And we’re looking forward to taking your virtual presentation skills to the next level.


Photos in Virtual Presentation Training Scotland by Pink Elephant Communications.
Virtual Presentation Training Scotland by Colin Stone.

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