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Presentation skills training Scotland, pink elephant, glasgow edinburgh

Presentation skills training Scotland

From searching Presentation skills training Scotland to arriving here, at Pink Elephant Communications.

We help people feel more confident in their presentations.

Whether that’s speaking to the senior management team.

Or pitching to the board.

Our expert trainers – from TV presenters to PR leaders – share what they’ve learned through their careers.

In the sessions we’ve run from Stirling to Stockholm and from Madrid to Mossmorran. 

Want to learn more about how presentation skills training in Scotland with Pink Elephant can benefit your career?

Keep reading.

Presentation skills training Scotland

presentation skills training scotland, pink elephant, glasgow edinburgh

We’ve worked in 25 countries across the world.

Our home is in Glasgow’s Pollok Park.

We’ll go wherever the work takes us.

From Nairn to New York in the space of a month.

Each presentation skills training session we deliver has a clear goal.

To boost your confidence with rules and techniques.

We’ll show you how to speak with authority with or without notes.

To turn jargon into pictures and keep people’s attention.

We’ll show you the structure for how to build your presentation.

Making sure you hit your key messages every time.

Are you using words like try, hopefully or do our best?

We’ll explain ‘Scottish English’ and show you the alternative.

Are you filling your presentations with unnecessary negatives?

We can’t do that, don’t do this and would never dream of that.

The benefits of speaking only in positives are numerous.

We’ll also show you the five answers to any direct question you’re asked.

As well as show you a technique to prepare for any Q&A. 

And that’s just scratching the surface of our presentation skills training in Scotland.

What do you get out of it?

 Presentation skills training Scotland, pink elephant communications, drop the pink elephant

Under the umbrella term Presentation skills training Scotland, there’s a huge range of topics to discuss.

What does your audience think of your voice?

That’s everything from how it sounds.

How fast you speak.

As well as the words you choose to use.

You’ve also got to consider what your body language is saying.

Perhaps it’s telling the audience you’d rather be elsewhere.

We’ve got a solution to give you.

Our presentation skills trainers, like Bill McFarlan and Colin Stone, have careers in television.

They learned to recognise what was good in their performances by watching themselves back.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but it’s a vital skill to have in your arsenal.


It’s impossible to analyse our own performance while we present.

Which is why we film it, and watch it back.


To show you what your audience saw.

And at the end of the course, you’ll receive a USB with your own presentations on it.

It’ll also have the latest Pink Elephant presentation skills training vlog for you to enjoy.

Plus the Drop the Pink Elephant book, a handbook and more confidence.

What next?

Presentation skills training, pink elephant, what next

We’ve been running presentation skills training for decades.

Pink Elephant was founded more than 30 years ago in 1989.

We’ve given courses already this year in the likes of Kelso, Oban, Perth, Aberdeen and Forfar.

So we can come to you, wherever you are in the world.

Chances are though, you’ve searched ‘presentation skills training Scotland’.

So we’d also be delighted to host you at our Glasgow studios.

So what do you need to do now?

The easiest part is over: you’ve found Pink Elephant.

From searching presentation skills training Scotland to a company with 30 years of delivering that.

Here’s what to do now.

Give us a call on the phone number listed below.

Or if you’d rather email us, please do.

We’d love to hear from you about what courses you believe would benefit you or your team.

Presentation skills training. 

Assertiveness training.

Talk like TED.

And so much more.


Call us
0141 427 2545

E-mail us

Presentation skills training Scotland photos by Pink Elephant Communications.

Presentation skills training Scotland

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