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Thank You

It’s been quite the year at Pink Elephant.

Four months of lockdown meant virtual training from January to April.

Caution, hope, celebration and more caution have followed, and it’s a great testament to everyone involved that we enter the holiday in good spirits.

So let me thank you for your support.

Over the years, I’ve always taken inspiration from those who have reached out to me through this blog and the Monday morning espresso email we send out.

I’ve had it all: general messages of thanks, topic requests, even a note of thanks from a subscriber in remembrance of her grandfather’s involvement in WWII.

And a couple of suggestions of how I and the team can improve the relevance and the message. That’s important, too, and always appreciated.

Thanks to those who have trusted us with their teams’ training this year. While previous years have brought many more interesting locations than my own dining room, the variety of 2021, I suspect, will remain unsurpassed.

From shooting personal development videos in the snow of January to change management sessions in a Glasgow brewery. From sessions with 8-year-old public speaking enthusiasts to whisky launches and COP26 preparation.

Virtual sessions with teams in Perth, Australia, starting at 6am, and others with teams in Bangalore, finishing shortly after midnight.

Learning about new areas: vertical farming, battery energy storage systems (BESS, for all you acronym-seekers), water regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa and the effects of Brexit on the supply of electronic components.

For those who have entrusted us with the development of your team, we’re so very grateful.

And crucially, thanks to my wonderful team who made it all happen.

To our core team. Hilary, who in her final full year with Pink Elephant, has spent many days on her own, manning the fort while the team trained virtually from their homes.

Colin, who worked round the clock at all hours, sometimes running three sessions in a day to accommodate each time zone.

And Bill, my Dad, who often worked twice the number of days promised to keep us ticking over during early lockdowns.

Our specialist trainers: Vicky, Rick, Alan, Marjory, Caroline, Fiona, Stuart and Rachael, many of whom will be getting to know you all better during 2022.

Next year represents a big change for us all, with new faces coming in, including our new Office Manager, starting late January.

The challenge is to bring the same energy to the business that the current one has in 2021.

And we’re in excellent shape to do just that.

Thanks to everyone for your support in a weird, variable, but ultimately very fulfilling year.

To you and yours, all the best for a well-deserved, relaxing festive break.

Best wishes,



Andrew McFarlan is Managing Director of Pink Elephant. Read more about him here.

All photos by Pink Elephant Communications.

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