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Stuart Fenwick

STUART FENWICK is a motivational speaker. He’s spoken to audiences of 7-year-olds – and 70-year-olds!

After studying at the University of Edinburgh, Stuart moved into the world of motivational workshops. Speaking to tens of thousands of children and adults across the entire UK and beyond, his talks were delivered with high-energy and enthusiasm while ensuring all the key messages were included along the way – a mixture of entertainment and education.

During this time Stuart won ‘Speaker of the Year’ and ‘Player’s Player of the Year’ on multiple occasions.

And Outside Work?

Stuart is a cat dad to Molly, a music enthusiast, and a fitness fanatic.

Initially a semi-professional footballer, Stuart is now a keen runner.

Future goals including a marathon in under 3 hours, a marathon on every continent, and the Mount Everest marathon. We wish him luck!

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