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Richard Orr

RICHARD ORR is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author.

Starting his career in journalism, Richard is currently a director at the young people’s charity, Winning Scotland.

There, he’s led a team of reporters and freelancers as editor of an online sports magazine, and spent a year interviewing many of the world’s most successful athletes for Be A Winner, a book on achieving success.

You’ll often find him presenting high-stakes pitches, writing impactful proposals or even delivering a TED Talk.

Rick also has a unique perspective on Pink Elephant’s tried and tested formula for great communication – he was a long-standing client before he became a trainer in 2016.

With his breadth of experience across roles and sectors, Rick will help get your message across clearly and effectively.

And Outside Work?

As well as spending time with his wife and two daughters, Rick loves playing, watching and talking about sport – and takes pride in playing 5-a-side football at every opportunity!

Any spare moment is spent in the kitchen, whipping up delightful dishes for the family.

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