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Colin Stone, august 2023

Colin Stone

Communications Lead

COLIN STONE joined Pink Elephant in late 2018 after several years in broadcast journalism.

Beginning his career as a freelance reporter with Real Radio and the Olympic News Service, Colin went on to launch STV Glasgow in 2014 as one of the ‘faces’ of the new channel and its flagship programme The Riverside Show.

After almost 1,000 live television segments there, Colin jumped ship to STV News as a reporter and news anchor, often presenting the breakfast news for the whole of Scotland on channel 3.

In mid-2017, he became Radio Clyde’s Senior Reporter, covering the likes of the Beast from the East, the Glasgow School of Art fire and the inaugural 2018 European Championships.

Colin continues to work in the media, covering the 2019 UK General Election, presenting on The People’s History Show on STV, lending his voice to television adverts and hosting worldwide gaming giveaways.

He’s also a regular contributor to BBC Scotland current affairs programme Seven Days.

From presentation skills to media training and voice coaching, Colin is passionate about helping people navigate the challenging world of communication.

And Outside Work?

Colin can be found screaming his lungs out on his Gaelic metalcore TikTok, or throwing shapes in mosh pits across the UK.

To arrange a media or voice training session with Colin, email him below.

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