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Virtual job interview training Glasgow

The number of searches for Virtual job interview training Glasgow is on the rise.

Why? It’s simple.

More job interviews than ever are being held online.

So how do you make a great impression when you’re unable to shake hands?

How do you build rapport in the absence of in-person questions like “did you get soaked on your way in”?

How do you demonstrate social skills when the panel’s unable to see the way you conduct yourself around the table?

You need to know the secret sauce of virtual job interviews.

Let’s share our top tips – and a discount code for your own e-learning virtual job interview training course.

Virtual job interview myth #1: Look at your interviewer

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Online job interviews are significantly different to in-person ones.

We’re used to making eye contact, as close to 100% as possible.

Smiling, nodding along, showing we’re listening.

But if you look at where the interviewer is on the screen, what do they see?

Someone looking down, rather than up.

So instead, talk to the camera lens as though you’re presenting the news.

That’s where your audience is.

And now they’re engaged.

Virtual job interview myth #2: Talk about yourself

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Okay, of course you have to talk about yourself.

But if you just discuss your ten years’ experience, your teamworking or winning awards, you’re missing a trick.

The interviewer cares more about their organisation’s success than yours.

That’s why they’re employing you: to make their life easier or better.

So you need to understand FAB (feature – advantage – benefit).

  • Feature: you have ten years’ experience in the industry.
  • Advantage: you can hit the ground running.
  • Benefit: your manager will have more time to get on with their project.

List all your features, advantages and benefits and talk them through.

“Why are you the right person for the job?”

And your answer:

“I can hit the ground running, as I have ten years’ experience.

“That means my Manager can get on with their job with the confidence I’m up to speed.”

That’s a powerful sell, believe me.

Virtual job interview myth #3: Just be yourself

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“Be yourself” is a nice thing to hear, and in many instances it’s good advice.

Like a night out, for example.

But a job interview?

You have to be the best version of yourself.

And the only way to do that is to prepare meticulously, to the point you can do the interview in your sleep.

Here’s a structure we call STARY to help you demonstrate your experience in a way that gives you and the interviewer confidence:

S – Situation

T – Target

A – Action

R – Response

Y – you

Here’s how it works in reality.

“Tell me about a time you had to influence others?”

“The situation was: I was running job interview training for ten people as part of a redundancy programme in the oil industry.

“My target was simple: help all ten to find work by increasing their skills and confidence in virtual job interviews, a new skills to all of them.

“The action I took was to offer in-person training that really listened to their concerns first and gave them the chance to experience practical virtual job interviews.

“As a result, seven out of ten found immediate work, and all ten told us their confidence in virtual job interviews had increased.

“And you can have confidence that if I was in a similar position with your staff, I’d build a tailored programme to listen, practise and achieve a high level of success.”

Simple, focused, persuasive.

Virtual job interview myth #4: Leave your notes behind

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I always take notes into a virtual job interview. Or any job interview.

In-person, you can have these laid in front of you, with your CV and highlighted areas for discussion.

In an online job interview, you can have them resting against the screen.

Or take the audience away completely and view a Word document instead.

It demonstrates focus and preparation, so long as you only look at them fleetingly.

You’re aiming for 90% eye contact, so create bullet points or words that jump out when you glance at them.

That gives you confidence to score each of your prepared points through your interview.

Virtual job interview myth #5: Show humility

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One of the main things you can demonstrate in a virtual job interview is that you’re a good person.

Easy to get along with.

Friendly, warm, a team player.

So humility in that sense is gold dust.

However, watch out for false modesty.

Phrases such as:

“I like to think I’m a team player.”

“I’m relatively experienced.”

“My attention to detail is pretty good.”

All of these words give cause for doubt.

So instead, discuss your track record by using examples of being a team player.

Discuss your “strong attention to detail”.

Your 15 years of experience in retail.

That’s very different to arguing you’re the best candidate.

You’re offering facts, or strong opinions rooted in fact.

Virtual job interview training Glasgow: a discount code

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At Pink Elephant, we’ve been helping people succeed in job interviews for 33 years.

And since 2020, we’ve helped thousands to improve their virtual job interview skills online.

You can view our Virtual Job Interview Skills e-leaning programme here, priced at £99.

And if you enter the discount code TALKSHOP at checkout, you’ll land yourself 30% off.

If you’re out of work, we’re happy to offer a select number of licenses free of charge each month.

To request a free license, email

Wishing you all the best with your next virtual job interview.


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