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3 rules to communicate clearly: a confused mind says “no”

“A confused mind says no!”

That was the most memorable line I took out from a training call I took part in this week with colleagues in Australia.

My colleague was making a point about how people communicate.

We often emphasise this point during our pitching for business courses we run across the world and from our Glasgow studios.

Confused communication

communication skills training course scotland three wise monkeys.

But what do we mean by “confused”?

  1. Vague
    • When the speaker communicates in abstract concepts rather than giving clear examples or analogies
  2.  Overly-complicated
    • When the presenter is attempting to get several ideas across at the same time instead of taking them one by one
  3. Conflicted
    • When the words coming out the speaker’s mouth are different from the ones on a PowerPoint behind them
  4. Over-crowded
    • When that PowerPoint is crammed full of words instead of simple pictures to communicate
  5. Unconnected
    • When the points being made fail to flow in the right direction leading to a natural conclusion

Plan before you communicate

communication skills training course scotland comms plan.

Whether you’re selling your company’s services, pitching an idea to a boss, asking for a pay rise or making a suggestion at home, follow this simple plan when you communicate:

  1. Get to the point straight away
  2. Back up your idea with benefits
  3. Conclude with a call to action suggesting what should happen next

Our trainers in action

communication skills training course scotland bill mcfarlan.

Let’s put the above three points into action:

Your company is losing money if it’s failing to explain itself well. (The point)

Learning how to communicate well is easy once you’ve found the right training company. (Ideas and benefits)

Contact us today and we’ll show you how to improve your bottom line. (Call to action)

All of us can communicate more clearly.

And do our jobs better as result.

If you feel you can too, join Bill McFarlan and the Pink Elephant team for a Pitch Perfect morning.

A taster seminar to help you build confidence by showing you the Highway Code of Presentation Skills then rehearsing with other delegates, for just £99+VAT.

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Bill McFarlan is Executive Chairman of  Pink Elephant Communications in Glasgow.

You can view his full profile here


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