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Public speaking course Scotland

You’ve searched for public speaking course Scotland.

An invaluable skill that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Being a good public speaker helps you in a variety of ways.

It boosts your career prospects.

Makes you a ‘go-to’ person for presentations or speeches.

Be they virtual or in person.

And most importantly, it gives you confidence.

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications.

We’re here to help you.

Read on.

Public speaking course Scotland

public speaking course scotland, pink elephant communications

Let’s start with our expert trainers.

They’re television presenters and broadcasters with experience going back decades.

PR experts from the airline industry and the country’s biggest city councils.

And where are we based?

We’ve got a lovely office in Glasgow’s Pollok Park.

But we work across the country.

Across the world.

And this year, we’ve started running these courses virtually.

(More on that here).

Over the last 30 years, we’ve run more than 4,000 training sessions.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses.

And thousands of individuals.

All of whom were looking to add to their skillset.

Or boost their career prospects.

So let’s dive into what a public speaking course with Pink Elephant will cover.

Our Golden Rules

Bill McFarlan, video conferencing, public speaking course scotland, our golden rules

Every course we run contains our Golden Rules of Communication.

If you’d rather take this course online, you can do that too.

We believe they’re the foundation of every great speech.

And they’re the building blocks of our public speaking courses.

We’ll start by looking at language.

Confidence begins with being confident in the words you’re using.

That means getting rid of all jargon.

And replacing it with stories, examples and vivid images.

Next, we’ll move on to ‘watering-down words’.

Words like hopefully, perhaps, maybe and try.

They undermine your message.

We’ll give you a better set of words to use.

After that, we’ll deal with pink elephants.

(More on those here).

They’ll transform how you use negative language.

Once we’ve gone through that, it’s onto the structure.

How do we put all this together?

We’ve got you covered.

Then, it’s time to put it all into practice.

The power of analysis

public speaking course scotland, the power of analysis, colin stone

Being able to analyse your own performance is crucial.

That means watching yourself back.

This can be daunting to begin with.

But just ask our trainers with a background in TV.

One of the main ways they improved was analysing how it went.

Did they speak too quickly?

Were they enthusiastic enough?

Did everything go to plan?

Some people will tell you to practise your public speaking in front of a mirror.

But a mirror is unable to give you feedback.

And a family member is unlikely to call it down the middle.

So it’s a skill we’ll teach you on this public speaking course Scotland.

You’ll also get a copy of all your own public speaking performances.

As well as the Pink Elephant Communications handbook.

And the Drop the Pink Elephant book by our chairman Bill McFarlan.

So, what do I do now?

public speaking course scotland, glasgow, edinburgh

This part’s easy.

Send us an e-mail at the address listed below.

Or if you’re in UK, give us a call.

And let us help you take that next step in your career.


E-mail us

Call us
0141 427 2545


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Public speaking course Scotland

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