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Presentation skills elearning course

Are you looking for a presentation skills elearning course to grow your own confidence?

Welcome to the Pink Elephant Academy. 

We’ve been helping people improve their presenting since 1989.

We’re based in Scotland and we work all over the world.

From Nice to New York, and from Stockholm to Stirling.

Read on for how our presentation skills elearning course can help you.

Growing your confidence

 presentation skills elearning course, colin stone, pink elephant

Our goal for you is to feel more confident when you finish our course than when you started.

We'll do this by sharing five simple rules with you.

These rules stretch far beyond just public speaking.

They're guidelines for communicating in everyday life.

You'll be taught by our expert tutors.

The likes of BBC presenter Bill McFarlan.

STV broadcaster and voiceover artist Colin Stone.

Former Netflix editor Rachael Fulton.

And key messaging expert Andrew McFarlan.

Together, they'll share our Golden Rules of Communication with you.

Everything from turning complex jargon into stories.

To how to use your voice and body language.

So, where can you buy our course?

Presentation skills elearning course

presentation skills elearning course, pink elephant academy

Click here to visit our Pink Elephant Academy.

You'll see a number of video-based courses are available for you to buy.

You're looking for the Presentation Skills Masterclass.

Perhaps you want to learn how to present online while you're at it.

In which case, you're looking for the Presentation Skills Bundle.

It includes a second course on presenting remotely, designed for a post-pandemic world.

Our presentation skills elearning course is video-based, so you can learn in your own time.

For some, that'll be one module a day.

For others, it's an intensive 75 minutes.

Whatever you decide, it's an investment in yourself.

And if you want to follow up with any of the tutors afterwards, email us.

We'd be delighted to hear your feedback.


Any questions? Tweet us at @PinkElephantCom!


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