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Media training in Scotland

Media training in Scotland is more important than ever.


Because the days of one daily television news programme are long gone.

And today, you’ve got to know how to react immediately.

Social media, rolling TV news coverage, hourly radio bulletins are all in search of headlines.

Print outlets are publishing content every few minutes online.

It’s a huge opportunity for you and your business to share your story.

But you’ve got to know how to deal with the media first.

Read on.

Media training in Scotland

pink elephant, media training in scotland

Your office phone rings.

It’s a BBC researcher asking you to speak about a story on today’s Drivetime radio programme.

How do you react?

And more importantly, how do you prepare?

Knowing how to prepare for a broadcast interview is a crucial part of any media training.

But equally as important is how to communicate your message clearly.

And that’s what we’ll cover with you and your team.

Over the course of a day, we’ll share with you our five Golden Rules of Communication.

The basics of turning your jargon into vivid pictures for the audience.

Giving examples that demonstrate your argument.

Speaking at a slow pace and using your tone of voice enthusiastically.

Avoiding unnecessary negatives, and getting to the point.

Directly answering questions and showing commitment.

Sound easy?

It can be, with practice.

And that’s what the rest of your session will be about.

Broadcast media interviews on your chosen subject with our expert trainers.

You’ll be put through your paces by the likes of former BBC presenter Bill McFarlan.

Colin Stone, current BBC contributor and ex-STV News journalist.

As well as former Radio Clyde and STV broadcaster Vicky Murray.

How can I arrange a session?

media training in scotland, book, pink elephant

At Pink Elephant, we’ve been running media training in Scotland since 1989.

And pre-pandemic, we helped companies every single week from New York to Nice.

These days, we’ve got three options for you.

  1. We come to your workplace to run a face-to-face session.
  2. You and your team come to our studios in Glasgow’s Pollok Park.
  3. We run the session virtually.

We’ll do whatever works best for you and your team.

To arrange a media training session, email us today.

And let us show you how to work with journalists. 

Both in Scotland and across the world.


Colin Stone is Communications Lead with Pink Elephant.

You can read more on his background in the media here.


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