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Media Training Edinburgh

If you’re looking for Media Training Edinburghyou’re in the right place.

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications.

We’ve been running media training courses in Scotland’s capital since 1989.

Growing the confidence of business leaders ahead of new publicity campaigns.

Helping Scottish Government ministers prepare for high-profile TV interviews.

Sharing our tips on how your team can make the most of the media.

Read on to find out what we can do for you.

What you’ll learn

media training edinburgh, pink elephant, virtual or face to face

Our goal for our media training Edinburgh courses is simple.

To give you more confidence when you leave than when you arrived.

We do that by sharing our Golden Rules of Communication with you.

Simple tips and techniques that help you cut through the noise.

And avoid the grim headlines.

These courses are delivered by our TV broadcaster tutors.

Bill McFarlan is a former BBC sports presenter and journalist with decades of experience at the very top.

Colin Stone, an ex-STV and Radio Clyde senior reporter, brings the modern experience.

And writer, journalist and former Netflix editor Rachael Fulton provides incisive insight and analysis.

Face to face or virtual?

media training edinburgh, pink elephant, what you'll learn

As with any of our courses at Pink Elephant, you’ve got options.

We can come to you.

Whether it’s Edinburgh or Erding, we’re there.

But in a post-pandemic world, would you rather we run the session virtually?

We can do that too.

There’s a third option if you want to skip the middle man and learn in your own time.

You can buy our e-learning video courses at the Pink Elephant Academy.

Working with the Media is the one you're looking for.

So, what next?

media training edinburgh, pink elephant, contact

If you believe you or your team would benefit from media training, write to us.


We'll find out what you're looking for, and share our pricing for the budget you have.

Time to invest in you.


Media Training Edinburgh blog written by Colin Stone.
Photos in Media Training Edinburgh blog by Pink Elephant Communications.
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Media Training Edinburgh

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